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Company Profile

Provital Group provides solutions for the cosmetic industry through the development, production and sale of natural origin Active Ingredients for skin and hair care. We understand our activity as the creation of a bridge between the invisible and the visible, from the cells to the skin, to make beauty and well-being something noticeable.

We define ourselves as a customer-oriented company, with a clear international vocation, which aims to become a mainstay in our industry, based on a strong Corporate Social Responsibility policy and offering its customers a range of cosmetic active ingredients that meet the following conditions: they need to be innovative and have a natural origin, they have to adapt to market and regulatory demands, they need to provide some kind of benefit to the end consumer, and they need to have the maximum quality, at competitive prices with good technical support.

To this end, in 2010 the company designed a strategic plan for the following decade with the aim of doubling turnover and increasing both the area of our facilities and our staff. This plan implies heavy investments in expansion, modernization and remodeling projects in our facilities, adapting them to ISO 22716 requirements, to increase production capacity and offer higher added value products. 


PROVITAL S. A. was founded.


As part of our International Expansion strategy, the first Group’s subsidiary PROVITAL FRANCE S.R.L. was created in Bonnelles (near Paris).


The company moved to the new facilities in Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona (Spain).


Proceeding with our international expansion strategy, the Group’s Mexican subsidiary PROACTIF, S.A. was created in Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, (Mexico).


PROVITAL offices opened in Majadahonda, Madrid, (Spain).
The new subsidiary PROVITAL POLSKA, Sp.z.o.o., was created in Lubon, Poznan (Poland), with the goal of promoting our business in the Eastern European countries.


The expansion of our facilities in Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona (Spain), allowed to double our logistic capacity and improve our production and packaging areas.


Following the continuous improvement philosophy of PROVITAL, a study for changing the corporative image is announced, directing our activity to our “natural efficacy” aim.


Implementation of the new PROVITAL image and strategy to fulfil our customers requirements and anticipate their needs.


Corporate Social Responsibility is defined and accepted, being immediately applied in all group companies.
Construction of the new PROVITAL POLSKA headquarters.


Opening of the new office PROVITAL, S.A. - GERMANY.
Signed an agreement with the Charter of Diversity.


Opening of the new office PROVITAL DO BRASIL.  


Opening of the new office PROVITAL TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD


Opening of the new office PROVITAL FRANCE, SAS.


Offices and laboratories remodeling, and inauguration the new in vitro testing laboratory.


Factory remodeling.


Setting-up of Provital Cocoon S.L.U.