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Provital France SAS is a collaborating partner of Cosmetic Valley, located in France and integrated by world leading cosmetics and perfumery companies. Collaboration among companies drives the role of this cluster as a catalyst for innovation in the industry.



Since 2002 Provital Group is a founding member of this European professional organization, which unites companies involved in the field of cosmetic ingredients. It represents the voice of the industries related to cosmetic ingredients before official regulating bodies.



Provital is a founding member of “The Botanical Alliance”, an association established to lead a highly important European research project for everyone involved in the manufacture and use of plants and botanical extracts, and in particular for professionals in the field of cosmetics and nutraceuticals.



Provital continues to place innovation at the heart of its business strategy and, with this in mind, it has signed an agreement with the UAB Research Park Private Foundation (PRUAB) to join the PRUAB Innovative Companies Committee.



Provital is a benefactor of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC). Funds support education efforts in high quality cosmetic sciences around the world, and allow scientists who make a remarkable contribution to cosmetic science to be recognized.